The Soil Series Classification National Reports program enables you to create a report based on the national list of soil series.

Click "Process" at the end of the form to create the report. Click "Clear Form" to clear the entire entry form.

Please select a report type:
Soil Series Report
Soil Series with Responsible MO, States and MLRAs Using Report
Soil Series with States Using Report
Soil Family Report
Inactive Soil Series Report
or select a tab-delimited file:
Tab-delimited File of Soil Series Data

If you selected one of the first four types of reports or the tab-delimited file, do you want to include inactive series?

It will take some time to create the report or tab-delimited file. The size of the Soil Series Classification National reports, except the inactive report, or tab-delimited file will be large, but you will have an opportunity to see the size of the file before you view or download it.