The Soil Series Classification Report Tool enables you to create a report based on incompatible, missing, and obsolete classification elements for one MLRA Office or the entire country.

Select a MLRA Office by clicking on an entry in the scroll box. Select '*' for the entire country.
Optionally limit the report by clicking on the check box for the desired series status or just the benchmark series only.
Choose the desired report by clicking on the corresponding radio button.
Click "Process" button at the end of the form to submit your request.
Click "Clear Form" button to clear the entire entry form to start over.

You must select a MLRA Office(s) Responsible One selection allowed.

You may select a series status
Established Tentative Inactive   OR   Benchmark Series ONLY

You must select a report:
Soil Series needing Cation-Exchange Activity Class in the SC Database
Soil Series with Obsolete Taxonomic Classification in the SC Database (Subgroup level)
Soil Series with Inconsistent Particle Size Class in the SC Database
Soil Series with Classification Errors in the SC Database
This report module does all of the checks that are performed in adding or editing the classification in the SC database, so may take a long time to complete.
It is advised to not select the Entire Country with this report.

Soil Series with Obsolete MLRA Using in the SC Database