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The Soil Series Classification Query Facility enables you to create a report based on a list of soil series meeting specified selection criteria. Soil series may be selected based on various geographic areas of responsibility or use, series status, various dates, or the soil classification.

The classification fields on this query form can be automatically populated with the classification for a selected series. This enables you to easily query for all series with the same taxonomic classification.
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As many items as desired may be selected or entered within a single query, but use only those that apply to your query.
Be sure to read the directions by each item.
In the drop-down lists, multiple items may be selected. (With some browsers you will need to press the control key while clicking to select multiple entries or to deselect an entry in a drop-down list.)
In the date fields, a range of dates may be entered.
In the classification fields, only a single entry is allowed in each part of the classification.

Select/enter those items to be used to formulate the query.
Be sure to enter a title for the report and select a report option or simply select the tab-delimited file option.
Click 'Submit' at the end of the form to submit your query.
Click 'Clear Form' to clear the entire entry form.

Soil Survey Regional Office(s) Responsible Multiple selections allowed.

State(s) Having Type Location Multiple selections allowed.

State(s) Using Multiple selections allowed.

MLRA(s) Using Multiple selections allowed.

Optionally select one or more series status or the benchmark series flag 


For specific month, day, or year select an entry in the first box or set of boxes only; for a range of months, days, and years select entries in both boxes or set of boxes.

Origin Year Select year.

Established Year Select year.

Description Date Select month and year.

Date Soil Classification Updated Select month, day and year.

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Great Group  


Particle Size  

Particle Size Modifier  

Human-Altered and Human-Transported Material  

Mineralogy     OVER  

CEC Activity  


Soil Temperature  

Other Family   ,  

You must enter a report title and select a report type OR simply select the tab-delimited file option.