Established Series


The Ellabelle series consists of deep, very poorly drained soils of Coastal Plain depressions and drains. These soils have black loamy sand A horizons over thick gray sandy clay loam Bt horizons. Slopes are 0 to 2 percent. Near the type location the mean annual temperature is 66 degrees F., and the mean annual precipitation is 49 inches.

TAXONOMIC CLASS: Loamy, siliceous, semiactive, thermic Arenic Umbric Paleaquults

TYPICAL PEDON: Ellabelle loamy sand--forested. (Colors are for moist soil unless otherwise stated.)

A--0 to 27 inches; black (N 2/) loamy sand; weak fine granular structure; very friable; many fine roots; small pockets of uncoated sand grains; strongly acid; clear wavy boundary. (23 to 38 inches thick)

Btg1--27 to 31 inches; gray (10YR 5/1) sandy clay loam; common fine distinct strong brown and dark brown mottles; weak very fine subangular blocky structure; friable; few fine roots; pockets of sandy loam; very strongly acid; gradual wavy boundary. (0 to 10 inches thick)

Btg2--31 to 64 inches; gray (10YR 5/1) sandy clay loam; many fine and medium distinct strong brown (7.5YR 5/6, 5/8) and yellowish brown (10YR 5/6, 5/8) mottles; weak fine subangular blocky structure; friable; common distinct clay films on faces of peds; common fine root channels; very strongly acid; gradual wavy boundary. (20 to 33 inches thick)

Bt--64 to 72 inches; mottled brownish yellow (10YR 6/8), yellowish brown (10YR 5/6), and gray (10YR 5/1) sandy clay loam; weak coarse subangular blocky structure; firm; few faint clay films on faces of peds; very strongly acid.

TYPE LOCATION: Bryan County, Georgia; 0.6 mile northeast of Bryan County high school on Georgia Highway 119, 100 feet west of highway in canal bank.

RANGE IN CHARACTERISTICS: Solum thickness ranges from 70 to 96 inches. Reaction is strongly acid or very strongly acid in all horizons, except where the soil has been limes.

The A horizon has hue of 10YR, value of 2 or 3, and chroma of 1 or 2; or it is neutral with a value of 2. It is loamy fine sand, loamy sand, loamy coarse sand or sand. It has a minimum thickness of 10 inches where the E horizon is present.

The horizon, where present, has hue of 10YR or 2.5Y, value of 4, 5, 6 or 7, and chroma of 1 or 2. It has the same texture as the A horizon.

The Btg1 and Btg2 horizons have hue of 10YR or 2.5Y, value of 4, 5, 6, or 7, and chroma of 1 or 2. Few to common mottles are brownish, yellowish, and grayish. The upper 20 inches of the Bt horizon has 18 to 35 percent clay with less than 20 percent silt. The lower Bt horizon has same colors as above horizons or it is mottled brownish, yellowish and grayish. It is sandy clay loam or sandy clay.

The C horizon has colors and textures like the lower Bt horizon.

COMPETING SERIES: These include the Surrency series of the same family and the Bayboro, Byars, Cape Fear, Hyde, Kanapaha, Kiawah, Pantego, Paxville, Pelham, Plummer, Portsmouth, Riceboro and Wadmalaw series. Bayboro, Byars, and Cape Fear soils have more than 35 percent clay in the control section. Hyde, Pantego and Paxville soils lack sandy epipedons more than 20 inches thick. Kanapaha and Plummer soils are grossarenic. Kanapaha soils have a mean annual soil temperature of more than 72 degrees F. Kiawah and Wadmalaw soils have Bt horizons with base saturation of more than 35 percent. Portsmouth soils have sola less than 40 inches thick. Pelham and Riceboro soils have an ochric epipedon. Surrency soils have 10 to 18 percent clay in the control section.

GEOGRAPHIC SETTING: Ellabelle soils are in depressions and drainageways in the Coastal Plain. Slopes are less than 2 percent. The soil formed in thick beds of medium textured marine and fluvial deposits. Mean annual air temperature is 60 to 70 degrees F., and mean annual precipitation is 45 to 55 inches.

GEOGRAPHICALLY ASSOCIATED SOILS: In addition to the competing Bayboro, Pelham, Plummer, Riceboro and Surrency series, these include the Alapaha, Albany, Johnston, and Ocilla soils. Alapaha, Albany, and Ocilla soils lack umbric epipedons and are better drained than Ellabelle soils. Johnston soils lack Bt horizons.

DRAINAGE AND PERMEABILITY: Very poorly drained. Runoff is ponded or very slow; permeability is moderate. Water table is at or near the surface for more than 5 months each year.

USE AND VEGETATION: Most of the areas are in forest with a small portion in pasture and truck crops. The forest vegetation is chiefly blackgum, cypress, red maple, water oak, willow, with a few pond and slash pines and an undergrowth of fetter bush, southern wax myrtle, and inkberry (gallberry).

DISTRIBUTION AND EXTENT: Coastal Plains from Alabama to Virginia. The series is extensive.


SERIES ESTABLISHED: Bryan County, Georgia; 1969.

REMARKS: Diagnostic horizons and features recognized in this pedon are:
Umbric epipedon - the zone from the surface of the soil to about 27 inches with value 2 colors (A horizon).
Arenic epipedon - the zone from the surface to about 27 inches with loamy sand texture (A horizon).
Argillic horizon - the zone from approximately 27 to 72 inches (Btg1, Btg2, and Bt horizons).


SOI-5  Soil Name   Slope  Airtemp FrFr/Seas Precip  Elevation
GA0044 ELLABELLE   0-  2   60- 70  240-285  45- 55    10- 350 
GA0097 ELLABELLE   0-  2   65- 70  230-310  50- 60   120- 155 

SOI-5 FloodL FloodH Watertable Kind Months Bedrock Hardness GA0044 FREQ 0-0.5 APPARENT NOV-APR 60-60 GA0097 NONE - APPARENT - 60-60

SOI-5 Depth Texture 3-Inch No-10 Clay% -CEC- GA0044 0-27 LS LFS 0- 0 95-100 5-10 3- 7 GA0044 27-64 SCL 0- 0 95-100 18-35 4- 7 GA0044 64-72 SCL SC 0- 0 95-100 20-45 4- 7 GA0097 0- 8 LS LFS 0- 0 95-100 5-10 3- 6 GA0097 0- 8 MK-FS MK-S 0- 0 95-100 2- 8 5- 15 GA0097 8-28 FS S 0- 0 95-100 5-10 3- 6 GA0097 28-48 FSL SL SCL 0- 0 95-100 18-35 5- 20 GA0097 48-80 SCL 0- 0 95-100 22-35 5- 30

SOI-5 Depth -pH- O.M. Salin Permeab Shnk-Swll GA0044 0-27 4.5- 5.5 1.-5. 0- 0 2.0- 6.0 LOW GA0044 27-64 4.5- 5.5 0.-.5 0- 0 0.6- 2.0 LOW GA0044 64-72 4.5- 5.5 0.-.5 0- 0 0.2- 2.0 LOW GA0097 0- 8 3.6- 5.5 1.-5. 0- 2 2.0- 6.0 LOW GA0097 0- 8 3.6- 5.5 10-20 0- 2 6.0- 20 LOW GA0097 8-28 3.6- 5.5 .5-1. 0- 2 2.0- 20 LOW GA0097 28-48 3.6- 5.5 - 0- 2 0.6- 2.0 LOW GA0097 48-80 3.6- 5.5 - 0- 2 0.2- 0.6 LOW

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